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Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Fri Oct 6 10:36:22 PDT 2006

OED online lists it under the entry of Catsup for the 1690 quotation

*1690* B. E. /Dict. Cant. Crew/, /Catchup/, a high East-India Sauce
Ketchup in OED starts with post 1700 quotes but they have missed
have a few earlier ones.
It's a rather fun word to explore and if one goes exploring thru EEBO-TCP
one can find such mentions as these:
The mysteries of opium reveal'd by Dr. John Jones from 1700

Titillating, with realish|ing and high Sauces, Oisters, Anchovy, 
Caviare, Cockles, Ketchup, Mango's, Garlick, Onions, Leeks, Bears 
Garlick, Rocket, Sives, Shelot, Ginger, Aro|maticks..

Moral and political fables, ancient and modern done into measured prose 
intermixed with ryme by Dr. Walter Pope. from 1698

Vinellii, Pigniates, Pistaccios, / Parmisan Cheese, Botargo, Caveare, / 
And Ketchup, which will make you please your Wife, / And several other 
Dishes, whose strange Names ...

And Ketchup, which will make you please your Wife ????


Terry Decker wrote:
> The first use of the word ketchup in English is around 1690 (as catchup). 
> It refers to a group of sauces whose primary base is vinegar as derived from 
> a Southeast Asian sauce of a similar name.  Tomato ketchup is a later 
> developement.  I would suspect that if the book has any pre-17th Century 
> references, it's stage dressing for the evolution of a fish sauce into a 
> tomato sauce.
> Bear

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