[Sca-cooks] Smoked Meats in Northern Europe

Mark Hendershott crimlaw at jeffnet.org
Fri Oct 6 15:00:25 PDT 2006

actually Norway maple is European.  See 
There may be other native species as well, I didn't look further.

Simon Sinneghe
Briaroak, Summits, An Tir

At 02:51 PM 10/6/2006, Jehan-Yves wrote:
>At 12:51 PM 10/6/2006, you wrote:
> >Greetings all,
> >             I have a question for the knowledgeable assembly:
> >             What woods would have been used to smoke meats and fish in
> >Northern Europe around the turn of the millennium?
> >  are:  maple, poplar, alder, hickory, oak and cherry.
> >
> >             I am pretty sure maples are New World only, and I know
> >cherries were a part of the Norse diet.  Obviously oak was around, but
> >I'm not sure about poplar, alder, or hickory.
> >(SNIP)
>          You can try looking up wood on this site:
>          It looks like Alder is good, European Cherry is in, Hickory
>is out, and poplar is in. You were correct that Maple is New World.
>          They may not have the exact species that you will have in
>the Southern US but they do have European varieties.

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