[Sca-cooks] Period?, was Tomatoes

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Sounds like roughly 85% of the clothing I see being worn in the SCA....
And a fair, high percentage of the feasts I've eaten, as well.
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> I can  imagine an outfit composed of shoes
> from one time and place, "pants" from  another, a tunic from still a
> third, topped with a cap or coif from yet a  fourth , and the wearer
> saying the outfit is period, because each of the  parts is, although
> the parts are all from different times and places
> This is exactly the point I made in my post about redacting which was  in
> response to the "stewed tomatoes vs. ketchup" thread.  Redacting without
> recipe is more than finding a list of ingredients (like in a  household
> book) and putting them together.  Just because  you have the ingredients
> mean they were used together in that time  and place in a manner we would
> them today, i.e. my Reuben sandwich  example.

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