[Sca-cooks] Chicken feet...

Tara Sersen Boroson tara at kolaviv.com
Sat Oct 7 10:35:33 PDT 2006

... in stock.  Scald and peel or throw in as they are?

I've always thrown them in as they are.  But there was a discussion on a 
traditional foods forum on the subject, and people seemed to be split on 
the issue, with perhaps a slight majority leaning toward scalding and 
peeling.  What do you wise people say?

Some of the folks in the peel camp were proclaiming, "The chickens walk 
around in shit."  I argued that the feet are already scalded with the 
rest of the bird before plucking, then agitated greatly in the electric 
plucker, so they're as clean as they're gonna get.  People argued that 
they were gross, with their callouses and stuff.  Well, are callouses 
going to affect the final product?  I doubt it.  Just strikes me as a 
huge expense of time when I don't see much benefit.


Tara Sersen Boroson

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