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Sun Oct 8 09:10:51 PDT 2006

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In response to Sharon's request for spice containers...what I use aren't
period, but work nicely.  With the assistance (VERY WILLING
assistance!!) of my husband, I have a collection of Mickey beer
bottles.  They are shaped like little barrels, with a short neck and
wide mouth...and they are dark green, which helps protect the
spices/herbs from sunlight.  < < < < < < <

I don't know if the same wavelengths are a problem with our general spices,
but green bottles are almost zero protection against sunlight for hops in
beer.  Brown bottles will prevent "light struck" or "skunked" beer, which
happens when light interacts with compunds in hops.  Green and clear glass
are the same . . . no protection.  Just thought I'd throw that out in terms
of green glass and potential light protection.  NOTE: The hops specific
compounds are not found in our culinary spices.

niccolo difrancesco

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