[Sca-cooks] Lettuce recall due to ecoli

Sharon Gordon gordonse at one.net
Mon Oct 9 07:05:34 PDT 2006


E. coli concerns lead to lettuce recall
The Associated Press
SAN FRANCISCO | Less than a week after the government lifted its warning on
spinach from California's Salinas Valley, a popular brand of lettuce has
been recalled over fears of E. coli.

The lettuce does not appear to have caused any illnesses, Salinas-based
Nunes Co. Inc. said in a statement.

The company initiated a voluntary recall Sunday of green leaf lettuce
purchased last week under the Foxy brand name.

Foxy is one of the nation's largest suppliers of lettuce, celery, broccoli,
vegetable platters and stir-fry mixes.

The recall covered lettuce purchased in grocery stores Oct. 3-6 in Arizona,
California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

The lettuce also was sold to distributors in those states that may have sold
it to restaurants.

Executives ordered the recall after learning that water used to irrigate
lettuce fields may have been contaminated with E. coli, according to the
company statement.

E. coli can proliferate in uncooked produce, raw milk, unpasteurized juice,
contaminated water and meat.

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