[Sca-cooks] Sugarpaste

ranvaig@columbus.rr.com ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Mon Oct 9 09:09:44 PDT 2006

>Nice. I particularly like your shading on the flowers.

Thank you.  The flowers had two layers rolled out together, usually 
white on the outside. The orange flowers were orange and yellow. It 
really doesn't show much, but it made the colors more subtle.  The 
orange flowers had a small deeper orange center.

>You mentioned that the large bowl broke when you removed it from the 
>mold, yet another picture shows the large bowl with flowers for the
>head table. Is that the same bowl? If so, how did you fix it?

I don't think there is any way to fix these bowls once broken. I made 
a second, slightly smaller but thicker bowl.  I used the bottom of a 
wooden bowl as a mold, but the second time, covered it with plastic 
wrap as smoothly as I could. It left a few wrinkles on the edges, but 
didn't show too much. I took it to the event, still on the mold, and 
if it had broken too, head table would have gotten two small bowls. 
They seemed to unmold best when the inside was still slightly soft. 
I sprayed the molds with Pam, then covered them with powered sugar, 
specially on the flat base.

>Did your flowers slump? Or were they flattened? The flowers look 
>somewhat flattened or squashed in the first three pictures, but they
>may simply be the camera angle.

Mostly its the camera angle. I have a few of them left, I'll try to 
get a picture or two from the side. The sugar paste didn't slump, but 
they are very fragile when newly made  The thinner the sugarpaste is 
rolled, the better the flowers looked.  Its like shaping damp tissue 
paper. The thin layers dry quickly enough that you have to work 
quickly. I needed so many, that if one got a little flattened, I used 
it anyway.


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