[Sca-cooks] News on Joram!!!

wildecelery@aol.com wildecelery at aol.com
Mon Oct 9 10:26:56 PDT 2006

 Forwarded by request:

While I was at a conference this weekend I learned that the reason I couldn't 
reach Joram or his mom at the hospital on Thursday before I left was that 
they moved him to the Cambridge Rehab place that day. PTL!!!! Prayers answered.
(I will post address, phone number or visiting hours if given permission to 
do so)

We believe he'll get better care there, and know he'll get better physical 
therapy. That should improve his stamina and strength and, we hope, his ability 
to fight the infection. He still is at high risk, and has a long road ahead. 
Time to focus our prayers/and/or positive vibes, thoughts, on that now....after 
thanking God or whatever powers you believe in for granting this step in the 

Thank you all, as always, for your continuing concern and/or prayers on Jim's 
behalf, and forgive the cross-postings. Please do forward this to other lists 
as you deem fit. Thank you for the many messages of support expressed to me 
and to Countess Morgen at Coronation. It was great to see many of you there! 


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