[Sca-cooks] Sugar Skyscrapers tonight

Kathleen A Roberts karobert at unm.edu
Mon Oct 9 12:58:35 PDT 2006

On Mon, 09 Oct 2006 15:54:36 -0400
  Johnna Holloway <johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu> wrote:
> From Johnnae
> Tonight October 9th on the Food Network
> Challenge: Sugar Skyscrapers
> Sugar showpieces go bigger than they ever have before. 
>At Mall of 
> America in Minneapolis, three top pastry chefs compete 
>for a Guinness 
> World Record for the Tallest Sugar Showpiece. Made 
>entirely out of 
> sugar, 

dang, and i have to finish a scroll before saturday. 
 sugar showpiece, dancing with the stars, scroll.... 
 something has to give. 8)

i rather enjoyed the rice krispie treat showcases the 
other week.   finally duff gets his due!

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