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Mon Oct 9 13:29:37 PDT 2006

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> > > > Ok, but what records would we be going for?

Most number of quinces peeled and rendered by volunteers in a single

Number of squid-squishing-squires needed to prepare enough calamari
rings for a feast?

Longest time spent on one's feet in pursuit of a hobby?

Christianna < < < < <<

Most meals cooked in America without using a potato or tomato?  Not to start
that thread up again, or anything :o)

I think we should aim for something like the largest number of diners served
at one meal using live fire/coals.  We could do that at one of the Wars and
rock the Knowne World.  If they don't have a category, then they need ot
make one.  We can even set up the parameters for the category and send it in
to them . . . live fire, cast iron, ceramic and spits; types of tools
useable; how big the menu must be (aim high); time limit for service; etc.

Talk about a new flash for the world.  Show them all we're in for the whole
disaster recovery thing.  Costs would be pretty high, and require a large
infusion of investment cash in order to get the thing started, then recover
funds for the meals.  This is starting to sound actually interesting to me .
. .

niccolo difrancesco

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