[Sca-cooks] OOP- kitchenaid ravioli maker attachment

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Mon Oct 9 17:59:03 PDT 2006

Alexa, when I was planning a menu (probably for the same feast, although I was planning for 125), I experimented with the attachment a friend had vs. using the metal ravioli forms that you use with a rolling pin to cut the individual ravioli into pieces. The manual method worked better for me, the attachment I borrowed was from a friend was a caterer, he also prefers to make them manually, even in this kind of quantity.
You may be able to rent one from a party rental place to try one out first if you want to give it a try before you buy one.
I also saw the ravioli
> maker.  I was wondering if anyone had this and if
> so, is it worth the $125 investment.  Especially if
> you are going to make ravioli for a feast for 80?  
> I know the pasta maker and pasta roller can be used
> and then hand stuff the pasta for the ravioli.  I
> remember there being a small conversation going a
> while back out here on the list about the ravioli
> maker but don't remember if it was 'a good idea' or
> nope, don't do it.  
>   Thanks 
>   Alexa
>   Barony of Marinus

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