[Sca-cooks] Smoked Meats in general

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Anne Wilson leads off with this paper "Preserving food to preserve life:
response to glut and famine from early times to the end of the Middle 
Ages." pp. 5-31.

She discusses air drying, burial, parching, smoking, salting, preserving

and milk, salted meat and dairy products, salted fish, cereals, pulses, 
sugar, spices,
dried fruits, and wines.

There are a number of other books and papers of course. Wilson mentions 
a work
called Fish Saving which goes into all the methods of 'saving' or 
preserving fish.


Interesting, I am not familiar with "parching".  
I notice that pickling meats in whey is not mentioned, and I have read
about that process several times recently.  As a matter of fact, I have
about a gallon of whey in stock right now since I just made some fresh
cheese, and was considering what to do with it.  


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