[Sca-cooks] Rose Cakes (Was: Late SCA-Period Sweets)

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Tue Oct 10 18:19:23 PDT 2006

OK, the Great Cake recipe that  Urtatim   mentioned is posted
at the end of this menu and notes for TRM's Coronation Luncheon
that I did back in 2003. It's the Rose Tourney Great Cake.
I've made it several times now. I use a
reproduction [albeit non-stick] early 18th century cake pan, which is 
the earliest documented cake tin style that I own.
A 12 cup pan is necessary for this amount of dough. Karen Hess thinks 
they may have been baked originally in hoops or even baked without a 
hoop. I thought it worked well in this pan. [For a similar pan, although 
not exactly the same as mine, see Kaiser's cakepan sold as a "Charlotte 


I think that the Nordicware rose pans are only 10 cups. If so, this 
amount of batter might overflow the pan
and burn. Of course you could lift dough out and bake two or a group of 
smaller ones.


The paper on sugar icing

I should point out that the Middle Kingdom Cook's Collegium contains a 
number of interesting

In the florilegium see Sugar-Icing-art - 11/10/01

"Sugar Icing" by Johnnae llyn Lewis. Some notes on sugar icing in late
period and some post period.

The cake recipe was posted to the SCA Cooks list but does not seem to be 
in The Florilegium.


Alexa wrote:
> Recipes for "period" cakes?  Want to share!!!
>   Alexa

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