[Sca-cooks] new books hurrah - commercial note

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Wed Oct 11 03:54:08 PDT 2006

I just did an updated article about David Brown Books for
the local newsletter.
It previously appeared in TI.
Given the dollar versus the pound sterling, I'm not sure that the
prices will be better in the coming year. Watch for sales and hurt copies
and occasional special offers, I guess. Material Culture in London
was being paired with Before the Mast book for $100 for the pair earlier
in the summer.


Stefan li Rous wrote:
> <<< Before the Mast: life & death on the Mary Rose - Gardiner
> Stepping Through Time >>>
> This one sounds like it could be very interesting from the  
> description on Amazon.com. Has anyone read this or have an opinion on  
> it? How well does it cover daily life at sea in that time period?  
> Unfortunately, the price on Amazon is $100. It is a thick book at 760  
> pages but that would make it one of the most expensive books I've  
> ever bought. I imagine Devra's price will be the same or higher.
> Stefan

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