[Sca-cooks] contignac

Sandra Kisner sjk3 at cornell.edu
Wed Oct 11 06:58:58 PDT 2006

>I think I did the *initial* cooking (prepared fruit, some water, the sugar)
>on the stove top.  When the fruit had gotten soft enough, I put it through a
>food mill (I have a china cap one), and put the (sweetened) puree into the
>crockpot, and turned it on low.

Interesting.  In the past I've cooked the fruit and milled it, *then* added 
the sugar.  I suspect I do this because when I make applesauce I don't add 
the sugar until the end so I know how much I need for that batch (often 
very little).  That, and I'd be afraid of the sugar burning in the long 
time (and little liquid - how much do you use?) it takes the quince to 
soften.  I've even considered pressure cooking the quince to get the 
softening started, then moving to stovetop if needed.


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