[Sca-cooks] Roses was Late SCA-Period Sweets?

Cat Dancer pixel at hundred-acre-wood.com
Wed Oct 11 10:25:04 PDT 2006

>> Theme wise
>> there's this book Sugar Roses for Cakes
>> by Peck, Tombi; Dunn, Alan; Warren, Tony
>> which contains virtually every kind of rose decoration that can be
>> applied to a cake, as well as sugar roses in bouquets, sprays,
>> posies, and for table arrangements. Sugar Roses for Cakes includes
>> templates and features collections of all different kinds of roses:
>> wild, climber, rambling, traditional varieties and the various
>> modern roses, from full blown modern blooms to delicate, five-petal
>> wild roses.
> Hmm, if these are modern frosting type roses, i don't think i'd have
> the skill, and i'm trying to make things mostly historical.. but i
> could make them of colored marzipan. I'll see if the library has it...

Actually, it's about making sugarpaste or gumpaste flowers. (I have other 
books about sugar flowers by Tombi Peck) I can say with full conviction 
that it takes practice to achieve the level of realism in the book. Lots 
of practice, depending on how good you are with your hands. Also the 
techniques are mostly modern, but you could probably use them as a 
jumping-off point for making your own sugarpaste or marzipan roses.

It's the sort of work I'd love to devote my life to, if there were a good 
way to do it.

Margaret FitzWilliam

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