[Sca-cooks] And Speaking of Sweets...

SilverR0se@aol.com SilverR0se at aol.com
Wed Oct 11 13:52:12 PDT 2006

It is my friend's birthday on Sunday and I thought to make him a batch of 

But, since I am a spiceaholic and since the generous Dame Selene has gifted 
me with a wicked great jar of saffron and since to me baking is more of a 
science than an art (with all due respect to you bakers out there), I have the 
following question(s) on how best to incorporate the spice:

Saffron needs to bloom in hot liquid if not little threads are to be left in 
the final product. Will adding a small amount of hot water affect the final 
product? Should I melt a little of the butter and bloom the saffron in that? How 
will melted butter affect the end result?



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