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Wanda Pease wandap at hevanet.com
Thu Oct 12 19:48:13 PDT 2006

>From Regina's viewpoint:

Ah, yes... the Weather.

Friday we got in at about 6pm and it was beginning to get dark.  The
Autocrat had found us an absolutely beautiful spot; level ground, near
the tree line (under some small trees) so we had a wind break and shade
if we wanted it.  Good thing I had actually put up my tent in the last 6
months in the daylight or I would never have made it.

Thankfully some intelligent soul (not 'Lanie or I) had brought flash
lights.  I have 5 that I bought for around the house, and I have several
that are supposed to be in the car...  I'm going to get some of those
with several LED lights that take very little power to keep in the car.

Lanie's big blue tent was missing the ridge pole because it required
slight alterations since the last time so we had to wait for James to
get there from Ashland.  Of course he got in about 2 hours later than we
expected. He brought the two E-Z ups for the kitchen, the pole for
'Lanie's tent, all the kitchen gear and flashlights.

We all collapsed into bed about 11pm.  Since I have taken to bringing my
own private facilities I snuggled down in my sleeping bag with a wooly
comforter over the top and slept until nearly 9am the next morning.  Why
is it that sleeping bag zippers always migrate to the bottom, underneath

We had absolutely beautiful weather Saturday.  Cloudless blue sky, temps
in the high 70's.

By sundown the temperature began to slide.  By 9pm it was getting down
into what I call cool/cold.  The big propane stove was fired up and pots
of water began to heat.

Katrine got the first bath and all was well.   Unfortunately the water
had been heating for 'Lanie for some time and it was HOT.  She evidently
shed her outer garments and stuck a toe in.  Shriek!  More Cold.

We are standing around outside watching the tent.  Evil minded Lanie has
placed candles so we do not get puppet show.  Much muttering by would-be
observers.   We wait, and wait, and wait.  Lots of sins to wash away
obviously!  Sing Non Nobis hoping to get Kenneth Brannagh complete with
armor and surcote instead of wet 'Lanie.

Not to be, but here comes Lanie in lovely virgin white linen robes and
red cloak with gold orphreys and white rose chaplet.  Looked like pagan
sacrifice or one of the flower girls for Fractured Fairy Tales.

No really, she looked very impressive.

The menfolk dismantled the bed frame which had served as the frame for
the bath tub and stacked it to one side of the tent and the two
Virginally Pure Ladies sat down to listen to the combined wisdom of the
ages coming from other Peers.  I don't know how much they got because I
slipped in early and hit the rack.

The night got colder and about 4am they gave up and headed for their
cozy beds.  James says 'Lanie became human Velcro.  Her only complaint
came from the lovely little period shoes she had sewed for herself.  We
were set up in what had been the Mission's hazelnut orchard (some
walnuts).  The trees had been dropping their marble sized nuts for
several days and the squirrels hadn't been able to keep up.  Foot
contacting hazelnut...  I leave it to your imagination.  'Lanie may need
another bath to wash away the words she used :-)

Next day started partly cloudy so we slept late (9am is when God meant
me to wake up).  I put water on for tea and puttered around eating left
over Vigil food.

Day got a bit cloudier

Finally James arises and the rest of the crew begin to come alive.

We sit and discuss the events of the night before.

The heavens cloud over, but nothing that looked particularly threatening
... if you come from Montana say.

I finally went into my tent to start packing and stuffed my sleeping bag
into its sack.  Pulled everything out of the tent and took off it's rain
fly, then turned it over so the bottom could dry.

Felt the first drops...  Surely not!  The sky is just grey...

Surely...  A light rain ensues.  I pull upside down tent over items from
inside tent and go get car from parking lot.  Trudge, trudge.

Curse prohibition of no cars on the grass.

Campsite that seemed so wonderfully peaceful away from the Madding Crowd
now just seems to be far away.  Trudge from Car to campsite.  Trudge,
Trudge, Trudge! Rain, spitter spatter.

Pick up costumes and other soft items that can go in front seat and
trudge back to car.  Cursing wearing clogs that match my gown but are
painful to walk in for long periods, particularly over ground.

Get James to bring bathtub over to car so we can force it in and I can
pack inside it.  Fortunately my little wheelbarrow fits in car next to

Much trudging was done before we finally managed to get mountain of
"stuff" to cars and packed.  'Lanie's bed is picturesque, but definitely
not for me.  Heavy, takes up enormous amount of space.  Makes my
military cot seem ideal.

A light rain was had by all and we made it home with only a few quarts
of water soaked into things.  Nothing important.

Must find energy to take things upstairs and put them away.  I should
wash my raspberry gown but I hate to have it lose it's new look.  Maybe
a nice long soak in gentle shampoo or dish soap, rinse and lay out to

Anyway, that's the tale of 'Lanie's vigil bath and subsequent bathing by

	Ceremony is written so I get to beg the boon of their Majesties:
"Your Majesties Our Order is not Complete.."

	Garb...  I need new garb for this...  I wonder if I could get
away with finishing the black silk velvet Maleficent houpeland?  She is my
favorite Disney character but I worry that I don't have quite the right bone
structure to do her justice...


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