[Sca-cooks] Looking for Blanc manger translations (or Arab versions?)

Tallan Family dtallan8500 at rogers.com
Thu Oct 12 19:54:49 PDT 2006

I'm working on an article following the development and diversity of 
blank manger (probably the most ubiquitous dish in western European 
medieval cuisine. I've got about 56 versions in Middle English or 
translation to work from, but I know I'm missing some key others 
because they haven't been translated yet (and my linguistic ability 
doesn't go much farther than Middle English) - never mind the ones that 
haven't been published yet.

If anyone with better language skills than I has translated other 
versions (for example, from Sent Sovi or from Tractatus) and is willing 
to share, I'd really appreciate it! I've got all of the published 
translations, but unfortunately, that still leaves a few key 
collections out of my reach.

Also, in her article "Sorting through the Titles of Medieval Dishes: 
What Is, or Is Not, a "Blanc manger", Constance Hieatt says "no known 
Arabic culinary text  of the period has anything corresponding to the 
European'blanc manger'". I'm certainly no scholar of medieval Arabic 
cuisine and, scholar that she is, it's not Ms. Hieatt's speciality 
either. Can anyone who focuses on that cuisine confirm this?

David Tallan (SCA Thomas)

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