[Sca-cooks] Rose Cakes (Was: Late SCA-Period Sweets)

Stefan li Rous stefanlirous at austin.rr.com
Thu Oct 12 23:50:47 PDT 2006

<<< Recipes for "period" cakes?  Want to share!!!


 > Now... someone has a rose shaped bundt cake pan and a pan that makes
 > six smaller rose "muffins". Would it be too entirely cheesy (given
 > that this is a Rose themed ball) to make "period" cake recipes in
 > these pans?  >>>

I'm interested in seeing the details that people come up with period  
rising/risen? cakes.

I don't think this is considered the same type of cake, but perhaps  
these files in the FOOD-SWEETS setion might be of interest:
Digby-Cakes-art   (12K)  6/30/01    "Excellent Small Cakes Revisited"
                                        by Tirloch of Tallaght.
Digby-Cakes-msg   (17K)  6/19/05    Making cakes using Sir Digby’s  
                                        Small Cakes' recipe.

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