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Here are some clips from this month’s Food Reference Newsletter.
Answers to the trivia quiz are below.
------------------------FOOD TRIVIA QUIZ------------------------
1) These broad-leaved, evergreen trees have an average life span of
about 500 years, but they can live up to 1,500 years or more.  To made
made edible, both ripe and unripe forms of the small, ovoid fruits must
be specially processed to remove the bitterness found in them. Some of
its relatives are the ash, lilac and jasmine. Can you name this tree and
its fruits?
2) Can you name this food?  It is an eastern Mediterranean item (Greek,
Turkish, Indian, Jewish).  Here are the ingredients: ground, roasted
sesame seeds or pignolia nuts or blanched almonds and/or pistachios
and/or sometimes farina or semolina and/or sometimes flour and butter
and honey or sugar syrup and sometimes candied fruit and sometimes
raisins and sometimes cinnamon and/or cardamon and sometimes whipped
cream What is the name of this food?
3) Despite a physical similarity and a frequent confusion with their
names, yams and sweet potatoes are not even distantly related. They are
in two different botanical families. What are yams actually related to?
a) alfalfa
b) lilies
c) grasses
d) carrots
e) radishes
4) Can you complete this sentence?
In the U.S. nearly 70% of vegetarians are _____.
5) When you see the term 'Light' or 'Extra Light' on a bottle of olive
oil, what does it mean?
a) It is lower in calories,
b) It is lighter in color.
c) It has a milder flavor.
d) It weighs less than virgin olive oil.
e) All of the above.
6) All of the following events took place in the same year, can you
guess what year? • Sugar Pops cereal was introduced. • Minute rice was
introduced. • Pillsbury launched its 'Bake-Off' to promote flour. • The
first credit card was created, the Diners Club card. • The Open Kettle
coffee and donut shop in Quincy Massachusetts was renamed Dunkin'
Donuts. • Kraft introduced the first commercially packaged sliced
process cheese. • Both Pillsbury and General Mills introduce prepared
cake mixes.
In Britain, corned beef is beef that has been brined, chopped and
pressed and sold in tins.  In the U.S., this would be called canned
pressed (or chopped) beef.  Corned beef in the U.S. is a whole piece of
beef, usually brisket, that has been cured in brine.
The term 'corned' dates back to the 17th century: "Beef...corned, young,
of an Ox." 
Robert Burton, Anatomy of Melancholy (1621).
In 2005 organic food sales were $13.8 billion or 2 1/2 percent of all
supermarket sales. (Organic Trade Association)
The only known sources of caffeine are tea, coffee, cola, cocoa and
yerba mate and its relatives. All were discovered and used by primitive
Alexander Etienne Choron (1837-1924)
Alexander Etienne Choron was a French chef from Caen who created Choron
sauce, which is Bearnaise sauce (or Hollandaise) with tomato puree.
Choron was the chef de cuisine at the famous Voisin restaurant in Paris.
During the Siege of 1871 he served many animals (some from the zoo) as
food, including elephant, camel, cat, wolf, and St. Bernard. (Cesar Ritz
of hotel fame was a waiter there at the time).
1959 Emeril Lagasse was born in Fall River, Massachusetts. TV cook and
-------------------ANSWERS TO FOOD TRIVIA QUIZ------------------
1) Olives.
2) Halvah Or Halva
3) b) and c) Yams are actually related to grasses and lilies.
4) In the U.S. nearly 70% of vegetarians are women. (2006)
5) b) and c) Light olive oils are refined, and are lighter in color and
have a milder flavor. They also have a higher 'smoke point' so they can
be used for high temperature sautéing and frying. Light olive oils have
the same calories as other olive oils, about 120 calories per
tablespoon. There is no official definition for 'light' olive oils.
6) All of the events took place in 1950.
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