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This sounds similar to the way I was raised.  Growing up my mother would
cook a meal and we would either eat it or fix somethng ourselves.  I lived
on PB&J sandwiches, and mom made sure that there was plenty of bread, peanut
butter and jelly.  I am a very picky eater, the first to admit it, but I am
willing to try anything once. (unless it contains something I KNOW I can't
deal with eating.)  I require the same of my son, he has to at least try
everything cooked, and if he just can't deal with the flavor or texture,
I'll make him a sandwich (he's 5).  We don't have that much of a problem
with him except the only meat he'll eat is chicken lol.  His favorite
snack/treat is carrot sticks dipped in ranch dressing.


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> > This drives me insane. She's not even my child, but it drives me insane.
> > Gibbering. I need to get a grip on this. And then I think, "She won't
> > eat soup. Any kind of soup. Or stew. Soup, for god's sake!" and I go
> > over the edge.
> >
> > Gibber gibber argh arghhhhhhhhhhhh.....
> I try to cook foods that my kids will eat--my DH is rarely home for
> so his tastes aren't a factor, and I'm not terribly picky. However, I can
> only handle so much of hotdogs, macaroni and cheese, and spaghetti, so the
> kids have two choices...what I cook, or peanut butter and jelly. I will
> cook a separate meal for a picky kid, and yet my kids WILL skip dinner
> altogether rather than eat, and the 8 y.o. is considered by his
> to be underweight. (8 years old and only 41 pounds.) Tonight we are having
> chicken with pineapple, mandarin oranges, soy sauce, and lemon juice over
> brown rice, and I'll bet dollars to donuts Tommy won't touch it.
> Laurensa
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