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> We don't eat lunchmeat at my house.  I wouln't feed hotdogs to the dog.
> Lest one think that my young'uns are growing up deprived of the American
> childhood experience, we do cook hotdogs on the campfire.  They are a
> compromise . usually bratwurst or even sometimes cheddarwurst, but we call
> 'em hotdogs.  We wrap 'em in wheat buns, because mom don't buy white bread
> anything.

Bologna-yuck. Double yuck. Nasty, foul stuff. It chokes us, it does.

My kids do gladly eat bratwurst and cheddarwurst, too, and yeah, wheat bread 
is the staple in our house now. They whine about it, but they eat it. And I 
try to make sure we have SOME sort of fresh fruit around all the time, in a 
bowl on the counter so they can grab and go. The eleven year old actually 
loves broccoli, spinach, and asparagus, so all is not lost, at least with 


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