[Sca-cooks] 10th C. Cornish?

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Tue Oct 24 22:30:10 PDT 2006

Urtatim asked:

<<< Our new Wooden Spoon minister (West Kingdom cooking competitions)  
announced the contests for the next year:

3 are straight forward >>>

What are these three? The others certainly are not straight forward,  
and I doubt there can be an answer. At least not one based on an  
actual, written food recipe.

<<< But the other two have me a bit mystified:
- anything 10th C. Cornish
- anything 12th c. Italian

There's a nice amount of later Italian, but i'm not sure about
recipes from the 1100s.

And Cornish from the 900s? Help!  >>>

I do have this file in the CULTURES section of the Florilegium. No  
mentions of food there, but several books are mentioned and perhaps  
one of them will lead to others.

Cornwall-msg       (8K)  3/21/94    Cornish history.

I might suggest starting with Welsh recipes and working with them.  
Even then I think you will be working with later Welsh recipes and  
working back in time as well as over a bit in location.

fd-Wales-msg      (28K)  7/ 1/05    Food of medieval Wales. Recipes.

I will be very interested in seeing what other people and your new  
Wooden Spoon come up with.

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