[Sca-cooks] Green Eggs and Ham Cookbooks

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Wed Oct 25 12:54:48 PDT 2006

Jessica's Biscuit sent the following notice out--
Imagine combining the joy of reading Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham with 
that of creating actual green eggs and ham. The Green Eggs and Ham 
cookbook was inspired by Dr. Seuss and in it are all kinds of magical 
recipes--Green Eggs and Ham, Who-Roast-Beast, and Cat in the Hat Tub 
Cake--to name a few.  When award-winning cookbook author Georgeanne 
Brennan created these recipes she had not only fun in mind, she wanted 
the food to taste good, be made from healthy ingredients, and be 
accessible to cooks of all ages.  Every recipe has components for 
children and some require no chopping, cooking, or electrical 
appliances.  Each recipe is accompanied by the verse that inspired it, 
and artwork by Dr. Seuss appears throughout.

I wanted to mention that according to their printed holiday catalog
they are offering copies of
R666P  Original Mediterranean Cuisine   by Barbara Santich
Published: September 1996
Sophisticated, subtle medieval food in 70 recipes from Italian and 
Catalan manuscripts, ...

FREE if you spend $40.00. Otherwise it's $5.98.


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