[Sca-cooks] Sponge sugar

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Wed Aug 1 16:41:16 PDT 2007

    in the Diccionario tecnológico inglés-español y español-inglés de
    los términos y frases usados en las

spun sugar is given as azucarillo. I didn't find pink sugar listed. This 
book is part of Google books
so one can search the terms if one can get the system to cooperate.

I've been away (we were down at Notre Dame University )and am just 
getting back into e-mails so everything is stacked up.
I think that Laura Mason talks about this. Also the book on Careme talks 
about sponge sugar as part of
what they made the rocks out of in those 19th century sugar centerpieces.

Let me check and get back to you.


Suey wrote:
> Does anyone know about this one? Teresa de Castro talks about "azucar 
> rosado" (pink sugar) or "panal de azucar" which I translate as sponge 
> sugar. It is caramelized sugar to which something is added to fluff it 
> up which today is lemon juice. My translation does not check out. I play 
> around with the Mexicans panella and other deviations of panel, loaf or 
> cone sugars but nothing comes out pink or fluffy in English.  Castro's 
> sugar citations are for Spain between 756 and 1480 more or less. I think 
> her 'pink sugar' could be 15th Century.
> Suey

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