[Sca-cooks] Another SCA Cook to be on Food Network

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Thu Aug 2 08:39:15 PDT 2007

Here are the contest details:



And here's the announcement from the MK Cooks List last evening.


As many of  you know I have been working hard with my career as a cook 
and I've  always wanted to be able to share it on a larger scale, hence 
the ebook on Ottoman cooking and other projects (not to mention the 
dozens of SCA feasts that I've researched and cooked).
I just found out that I am a finalist in the Food Network's Ultimate 
Recipe Showdown to be filmed in Hollywood on Aug 29- 
My recipe is "Gingerbread Cake with French Brandy Sauce and Whipped 
Orange Flower Cream" based on a very old style recipe using fresh ground 
spices, a good brandy and orange flower water (actually this idea is 
derived from a recipe called "a dish of snowe" from the 15th C)- all 
staples of my work in Medieval and Middle Eastern cuisines.
I can say that I haven't hit the ground since I got the confirmation 
(all but the back ground check but hey, after you immigrate and go 
through Homeland Security, INS and the CIA check I got I think 
I'm pretty clean :-)
They asked me to contact everyone I knew to support me and watch the 
show (of course!) but also I'd like to  you pass this on to everyone you 
can to build a swell of positive energy. I kept trying to tell myself 
"August is your month" and it turns out it is.
This could be the beginning of  something larger or it could be my 15 
minutes. I'm keeping it positive.
So, imagine, a Master SCA Cook on Food Network- the possibilities are 
Ahlam (Mistress Hauviette d'Anjou, Master Cook)

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