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>> What "Dark Ages?"  We Celts were very enlightened
>> people.
> hear! hear!    why, we saved civilisation, doncha know? 8)
> cailte

The Franks still haven't gotten over Irish monks explaining to them  
that their Latin was so bad, it was now another language...

So Charles The Bald and John Scotus Eirugenia go into a bar, see, and  
they get a table and order up a couple of drinks, and as they're  
sitting there, arguing philosophy, the king quips, "Quid distat inter  
sottum et Scottum?", or roughly translated, "What is the distance  
<what is the difference> between an idiot and an Irishman?" "Mensa  
tantum!" <"A table's worth!"> John replies.

Badda bing!

Thank you very much, you've been a great crowd!


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