[Sca-cooks] [Sca-Cooks] New TI was Pasties article in the new T.I.

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Fri Aug 3 03:46:01 PDT 2007

Just a few other thoughts on TI.

TI is just a magazine. Once upon a time publication in TI was one
of those holy grails. An article in TI meant prestige. Everyone received TI;
everyone read TI. It's different now. I would guess the majority of SCA 
never see a copy.
The BoD wants a more popular magazine, hence the new format and guidelines.
The BoD hired the new editor with the instructions that this would be 
the format.

What does it mean to write for TI these days?
Do the research, write the article, cite the sources, re-edit the article,
submit the article, wait until they publish the article or articles in TI,
and you hear nothing.... unless of course you make a mistake and then of 
the skies open and the complaints rain down.
The best one can expect in terms of comments is the
"TI's ok--- when are you going to set up a website?"
Or "I never read TI, haven't in decades. It only publishes trash.
When are you going to get a website?"

Why do I write for TI? At least under the old format it did give me a 
place to publish
the longer articles. And it allowed me to avoid working on my book on 
Elizabethan stuff.


Daniel Myers wrote:
> I too am unimpressed with the quality of the articles in the new TI.   
> I wouldn't expect a change though, given that we are not the target  
> audience - there are too few of us "geeks" (no offense meant to any  
> here) and they want to sell more copies than that.
> - Doc

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