[Sca-cooks] Non edibles, was pantry items

aeduin aeduin at adelphia.net
Sun Aug 5 15:43:52 PDT 2007

Master A Opined with much snippage:

>I think my list of serious, won't-touch-it food prejudices begins and
>ends with balut (those fertilized duck egg?), and perhaps some insect
>dishes, that sort of thing. But a few enzymatically degraded fish
>guts? No big deal...

Potential Not Safe for Stomach Content Ahead:

Yes, balut is the Philippine version of the fertilized duck 
egg.  It's occasionally chicken.  After it gets to a certain stage of 
maturation it's boiled in brine to cook it.  My 20+ year old memories 
of the dish say it tastes like duck soup, with crunchy bits.

But this is from a guy who has eaten rhino (very tough and gamey), 
live scallops 20ft below the surface while diving and other assorted oddities.


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