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<< P.P.S.:  Ye olde headache.  Or whatever.  Perhaps I could use a spell from Bald's Leechbook...any idea where I can get a copy, other than the Bodleian Library?  That's the only copy I found, and I only had a day to look at it....there were, like, five cures for elf-shot....it seems to have been reprinted at the request of Winston Churchill, but do they really printone-offs, or would there be others,  somewhere? >>
There is an edition plus translation in volume II of 
Oswald Cockayne's 'Leechdoms, Wortcunning, and Starcraft of 
Early England' (London 1865).
Online at (lousy quality, but still legible):

For a facsimile:
Bald's Leechbook. British Museum Royal manuscript 12 D. xvii.
Ed. by C.E. Wright with an appendix by Randolph Quirk.
Copenhagen: Rosenkilde and Bagger 1955.

An article (which I have not seen yet):
Cameron, in: Anglo-Saxon England, vol. 12, Cambridge 1983.

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