[Sca-cooks] Garum was To 10 pantry items

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Sun Aug 5 17:55:43 PDT 2007

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From: "Ian Kusz" <sprucebranch at gmail.com>

> huh....and no one included that roman fish sauce....:))))
> (garum?  liquamen? whatever.)
> Of course, everyone I've heard mention it has said it's concentrated evil,
> but, well.......

And how do they know it's concentrated evil?  I don't think I've ever met 
anyone who has made garum, much less eaten it.  Modern fish sauces, yes. 
Garum no.

There is also the fact that garum probably wouldn't be available to most 
medieval pantries as it became generally unavailable in the 5th and 6th 
Centuries, IIRC.

I've doing a little housecleaning and a xerox copy of "Garum and Salsamenta" 
has popped to the surface.  If anyone is serious about learning about garum, 
I recommend reading it.  Curtis, Robert I., Garum and Salsamenta; E.J. 
Brill, Leiden, 1991.


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