[Sca-cooks] Another SCA Cook to be on Food Network

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 6 10:45:15 PDT 2007

I've got the day off from work, my ticket has been ordered.  I'm looking 
forward to this!

I need to go grab a printer from someone else in my office though:  I 
ordered through the web site and suddenly have to print out the "ticket" 
on a computer that didn't happen to have a printer hooked up to it.  Le 

No cellphones, cameras, pagers, pretty much no electronics at all.  
Eeep, I'll have to bring an actual BOOK for those long stretches between 
the action.


Johnna Holloway wrote:
> Tickets are available to go and watch the filming.
> http://www.tvtickets.com/fmi/xsl/shows/browserecord.xsl?&Show=recipe
> Hosted by Food Network personalities Marc Summers and Guy Fieri.
> PRODUCTION NOTE: This is an ‘all day shoot.’ Guests will be in the 
> studio with Marc, Guy and the contestants from 9:00am until 
> approximately 7:00pm. Seating will be limited, so if you are unable to 
> stay for the entire day, please do not request tickets for this special 
> event. Free audience parking, lunch and raffle items will be provided.
> According to one website the series Ultimate Recipe Showdown will 
> premiere in early 2008 on Food Network.
> So it will be sometime next year before it's actually on.
> Johnnae

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