[Sca-cooks] Sugar sponge

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Wed Aug 8 17:53:52 PDT 2007

**Sugar in the raw http://www.sugarintheraw.com/
which comes from Maui
is Turbinado Sugar is made using 100% pure Hawaiian cane sugar from the 
initial pressing of the cane, allowing the natural molasses to remain in 
the crystals. The flavor is sweet and rich. The color is natural amber.
Sugar In The Raw is a natural, unrefined sugar made from sugar cane 
grown in Maui. Juice is extracted from the sugar cane, and then 
crystallized through evaporation. These crystals are rinsed with a very 
small amount of water to remove just enough stickiness to make the 
product free flowing. We pack this turbinado sugar and market it as 
Sugar In The Raw.


Terry Decker wrote:
> The process for turbinado would be to spin the spin the sugar in some form 
> of container and inject steam into the container to remove non-sucrose 
> particles.  It is not necessarily a process that would require a steam 
> turbine engine, which is a different critter mechanically.  I do suspect 
> that the process is 20th Century and developed in Hawaii (with the caveat 
> that I have no clinching evidence for either assertion).snipped
> Bear

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