[Sca-cooks] OT/OOP: and in honor of the mid-Pennsic "sillyseason"...

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So, uhm, being from many 1000s of miles to the left of Manhattan, and thus unable to experience the true and deep pleasures of knowing, intimately and instantly, what constitutes a True New Yawk Jewish-American Cheesecake T, what should it contain? How high should it be? Crust, or no crust?
Displaced Yankee-Westerners are jonesing to know....
--Maire, who's really come to abhor most cheesecakes, because they're always way to freaking sweet, and too, well, soft (unbaked? underbaked?...blech)
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  Imagine my distress when, at a key moment of the story, a piece of  
  alleged Mindy's cheesecake is placed in front of Frank Sinatra in the  
  role of Nathan Detroit, who proceeds to consume same with more gusto  
  than somewhat, as Runyon might have said. However, upon examining  
  said piece of alleged cheesecake, the most casual observer can see  
  that it is nothing but the phonus balonus, being no more than an inch  
  high and having a graham-cracker crust, at that.

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