[Sca-cooks] OT/OOP: and in honor of the mid-Pennsic "sillyseason"...

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anything I see with Gordon Ramsey makes me
>want to just  
> smack somebody in the face, 

i never understood the attraction of all that screaming 
and general nastiness.

last nights top chef was amusing with the contestants in 
their fancy duds suddenly having to cook.  my husband 
thought it was unfair and geared for the guys to do well, 
since all they had going was maybe a nicer shirt as 
opposed to the ladies with joan crawfords and saxy tops. 
 me, i'd have been screaming for a t-shirt and some sneaks 
or flip-flops before i did anything.  of course, i don't 
wear joan crawfords and saxy tops as a rule, so....

>so no crabs  
> for lunch. Ah, well, soft shells are out of season 
>anyway (at least  
> they should be...)

yer a mean man!  ah, soft crap gently sauted in butter and 
nuttin' else on some white bread with lettuce, tomato and 
a touch of mayo, with the legs all hanging out of the 
bread.  used to call them spider sammiches.

of course, there is always the crab place online if we can 
ever save up a spare hundred bucks...

who has been known to take off the fancy overdress and 
help out in the kitchen in the undertunic and apron...
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