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Don't blame me...I've never lived anywhere but MT, although I did have right-coastal parents (CT).  About the only available-only-regionally foods that I can think of, that I know I miss, are proper clam chowder, almost all varieties of fresh seafood (we're too far inland), and [good] southern barbeque.  Oh, and beignets.  The rest I either don't know I'm missing, or can make myself.  Baked beans, fer instance, or boston brown bread, or Philly-style cheesecake...mmmm......
--Maire, jonesing for a good dinner, if it'd only cool down enough to be feasible....
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  > --Maire, who's really come to abhor most cheesecakes, 
  >because they're always way to freaking sweet, and too, 
  >well, soft (unbaked? underbaked?...blech)

  exactly... too mooshy.  i remember incredibly dense 
  cheesecake from the pennsylvania dutch vendor at a farmers 
  market on the far edges of baltimore county.  and 
  fantastic baked beans.  and huge apple dumplings.

  thanks a lot.  it used to be just blue crabs i was 
  missing. 8(

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