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Fri Aug 10 20:11:33 PDT 2007

While I hate to rain on your parade, breakfast was not a grand culinary 
event until well after 1600.  Usually, it consisted of  bread or some form 
of porridge washed down with beer, small beer or ale, wine if wealthy and 
perhaps some type of meat.

In 1512 for Lent, the Count and Countess of Northumberland  breakfasted on 
"a loaf of bread, two manchetts, a quart of ale, a quart of wine, two pieces 
of salt fish, six bawned herrings, four white herrings, or a dish of 
sprats".  "A half a chyne of mutton or a chyne of boiled beef" would replace 
the fish for meat days.  The beef or mutton would usually be leftovers.

Queen Elizabeth appears to have preferred simpler fare.  On one occasion in 
1576, she had "cheate and manchett 6d, ale and beare 3 and half d, wine one 
pint, 7d."


> We are having our 3rd event this October and were thinking that while the 
> Bardic Competition was underway in the early AM that we would have a small 
> breakfast cooking competition running at the same time as the Bardic was 
> IE the judges would go through and taste dishes then as the Bardic was 
> beginning we would have a populace vote as they ate breakfast.
> Tymberhaven is also in a position of supplementing the Breakfast in the 
> event that there is little interest in the contest.
> What I am asking from all of you kind souls is a list of one dish 
> breakfast type menu items as well as ideas on what Tymberhavene could 
> supplement the main dishes with.
> I would normally not be going to such lengths to put on a contest (IE 
> seeking out the advice of those who have been there done that) but I have 
> never run a cooking contest before and since our A&S officer doesn't want 
> to do this it is falling into my lap which I'm cheering about since I LOVE 
> to feed people.
> So with that plea, I would be VERY VERY happy if people would offer advice 
> on the dishes for such a competition and also maybe some guidelines that I 
> can use/tweak/modify for our purposes
> Thank you most kindly
> Katla Elgr Hafn
> mka Kelly
> Incipient Shire of Tymberhavene

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