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  Which is one reason why the rubrics from the Council of Pisa state that the "Divine Liturgy should be celebrated as early in the morning as is convienent for the faithful to receive the Divine Essence (communion) before breaking their holy fast."  Until the 2nd Vatican Council this fast was for an average of at least 6 to 12 hours previous to receiving. (it was unknown how long it took the stomach to completely empty of other materials, and it was deemed unseemly to have the holy bread and wine( the Body and Blood of Christ) share the same space as ordinary food...At Vatican II enough evidence was provided to show that the stomach is ordinarily purged of food substance within an hour span so that the fasting regulations were relaxed to an hour before actual reception of the Divine Essence.
  It is also true that many churches, Catholic and Orthodox simply state that the fast is broken with the reception of the holy bread.
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On "if they ate breakfast"

Its interesting to try and put ourselves in our medieval counterparts
shoes. We do have inventories and menus for "foods that were eaten at such
and such a meal". We also have churches decrying the fact that people were
eating before taking communion at mass, so don't you go eating breakfast,
you slovenly bad catholics you ;)

We also have rulings where "if you're going to be working, you can eat this
to break your fast, and if you're not, then you get this" (I gleaned all
this from Barbara Heinschs' Fast and Feast...an awesome source for talking
about what was eaten WHY and WHEN)


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