[Sca-cooks] so ... what do YOU eat.

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Tue Aug 14 07:06:26 PDT 2007

Truth be told, we tend to go for the day only.
We almost always do SCA events by driving over and returning
 later in the day. We don't camp because I physically can't do it any 
We'll eat on the way in the early am or grab a bite at home
and we'll eat on the way home. We've learned to adjust a bit depending 
on how
the teenager feels too. There's always been this tendency for him to have
motion sickness; some mornings he eats, other mornings he doesn't.
We always take a cooler
and ice and a good selection of soft drinks and water. And the
car normally has a bag of cookies (strawberry newtons being the choice)
and a bag of Snickers or some sort of candy bar. And pringles.
My husband when fighting never wanted to eat during the day. Now
my son follows that same schedule. (He does the same thing with his sports--
only toast before and then eat after the intensive am practice.)
Come 4-5 PM, it's time to leave
and go eat on the way home. Normally I can't walk anymore by then, so
it's past time to hit the road.


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