[Sca-cooks] easy period camping meals

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Wed Aug 15 17:11:11 PDT 2007

Maire mentioned:
<<< Oddly enough, I've got some authentic-friendly acquaintances who,  
despite their decided preferences for medieval foods at feasts and  
indoor events, specifically CHOOSE not to cook/serve period food when  
camping, because of the ease of cooking more modern things.  Out of  
cans. <g>  I never have gotten my head around that one..... >>>

I can understand both points of view. We often don't eat period items  
at camping events, except the feast when one is offered, because of  
the time it takes to prepare such a meal and the difficulties of  
doing that for just two people.

You might want to consider mentioning to your friends the idea of  
cooking some medieval dishes ahead of time and canning them or  
freezing them in boiling bags. With the latter, your friends could  
have even less cleanup than with cooking modern canned items. :-).  
We've discussed both of these topics here before.

canning-msg       (44K) 11/ 5/06    Use of canning in the SCA.  
bag-cooking-msg   (24K)  3/22/03    Using plastic bags to warm pre- 
cooked foods
                                        at SCA events.
     (hmmm. Okay, we've discussed this since then. I guess it's time  
to update this file... )

Back from Pennsic. Still unpacking and having to spent way too much  
time job hunting right now...
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