[Sca-cooks] Cheese fat?

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 16 20:04:06 PDT 2007

I'd be inclined to start saving rosemary twigs, from which the leaves 
have been stripped for other uses, and weave them into trays.  Bring 
some flava to the party!


> Or maybe make one's own...baskets aren't difficult.  Hmmm....I wonder if split reed or the round stuff would work better....hmmmm....
> --Maire
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>   I used a plastic basket specifically designed for draining cheeses,  
>   but I've also used those small, cheap plastic baskets restaurant  
>   supply stores sell for bread and such; they cost about a buck. Of  
>   course, you could also walk on the wild side and try an actual small  
>   basket, assuming any non-food-grade aspects will be balanced by  
>   gravity (since the whey will be travelling down, for the most part, I  
>   doubt too many toxins, if any, will mysteriously travel upward).

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