[Sca-cooks] apple and sage fritters

Mairi Ceilidh jjterlouw at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 21 04:26:54 PDT 2007

There is one that uses fava beans, served with cooked apples and onions on
top.  Can't remember for sure if sage is one of the seasonings, but the dish
sure is good.  I've used it several times.  Apicius maybe?  

Too early.  Too much coffee still in first cup, not in me.  Must fix that.

Oh, and I'd vote for apple and sage fritters in a beer batter.  Yummy

Mairi Ceilidh

mmm...apples and sage is lovely!
Theres a dish somewhere in the back of my head that is beans (garbanzos)
with apples and sage and onions

Basically you carmelize the onions and apples with butter and the sage and
then stir in your cooked garbanzos. Yum! Cant remember the source (Italian?
Martino?), sorry...

--Anne-Marie, who loves sage with all kinds of things :)

>I'm glad that that was "apple fritters and sage fritters" and not 
>"apple and sage fritters". I'm not sure that the latter would be very 

Apple and sage fritters sound great, maybe in a beer batter.  Not everything
with apples is sweet.


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