[Sca-cooks] Any period Mongolian recipes out there?

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Fri Aug 24 07:16:51 PDT 2007

Would you ask your requestor WHY Soup for the Qan was not appropriate?
The description for the book is
"This volume’s original was written by an imperial dietary doctor who 
detailed foods and their medicinal values in those days and he presented 
this information to the Mongol Emperor Tu-temur who ruled from 1328 to 
1332 C.E. The Buell/Anderson translation of the 1456 C.E. edition 
provides page by page translation with copies of each original page and 
a page-by-page commentary. Included are more than two hundred recipes 
and court delicacies, dietetic materials, and more. After them is an 
Appendix called Materia Dietetica et Medica and another section by 
Charles Perry called Grain Foods of the Early Turks (who were neighbors 
of the Mongol court)."

As a librarian I am wondering if they have seen an actual copy of the 
book or are relying on hearsay.
I know the book is very expensive and that copies were not available for 
a number of years due to
the publisher keeping OS.

Can they provide more details on why it is inappropriate?


KristiWhyKelly at aol.com wrote:
> No, I'm looking for Mongolian recipes.  
> And the request was for rice or noodle dish.  And I was told by the  
> requestor that _Soup_ was not a proper source for Mongolian dishes.  So, if  I can 
> find another period source I would be greatful.
> Thanks  Grace

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