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Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Fri Aug 24 09:25:32 PDT 2007

Ok, since you asked---

I haven't been doing anything with Roman so it's been awhile since
I have looked at the volume.
As I recall from browsing through it originally, it's academic and at 
the time I bought it, it was hard to get.
It's a collection of papers from a conference or contributed papers.
I didn't really think people on SCA Cooks would like it all that much, 
they lived and died for Roman cuisine. I probably never posted a review 
back then
for that reason. (There are a number of classical PhD's that get 
published on aspects
of Roman dining that I never mention to the list.)

This seemed to be one of those things to have
and buy if one collects everything. Otherwise it can be interlibrary loaned.
(I wondered even back in 2005 how much the field would be changing once
the new Apicius was out. We heard Sally give her talk at Leeds in 2004 
and that
information wasn't in this volume as it was gathered up in 2003 and 
published in 2005(?).)

This is what the book includes:
Preface / Barbara K. Gold -- Introduction / John F. Donahue -- The way 
we used to eat : diet, community, and history at Rome / Nicholas Purcell 
-- Land and sea : Italy and the Mediterranean in the Roman discourse of 
dining / John Wilkins -- Horizontal women : posture and sex in the Roman 
Convivium / Matthew Roller -- Toward a typology of Roman public feasting 
/ John F. Donahue -- The waiting servant in later Roman art / Katherine 
M.D. Dunbabin.

Description is here:

Actually you can search pages from the actual book by using the search 
bar on that page.
Look under Apicius for instance and you can see some sample pages.

It's not that practical a volume, but if you love classical stuff you 
may want a copy.

Is that enough of a description?


Mairi Ceilidh wrote:
> Johnna, could you make your comments on the list?  Other inquiring minds
> want to know also.
> Thank You,
> Mairi Ceilidh
> I have it. Contact me offlist if you want.
> Johnna
> Sharon Gordon wrote:
>> Does anyone have this book?  Thoughts?
> http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0801882028/sr=1-3/qid=1187933576/ref=olp_pr
> oduct_details/105-0675939-5862869?ie=UTF8&qid=1187933576&sr=1-3&seller=
>> Sharon
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