[Sca-cooks] Any period Mongolian recipes out there?

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Sat Aug 25 08:01:04 PDT 2007

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> Any idea of how to stop the discussion of Rowan's research on the  list?
> so don't want to get into this subject.  I just want some  recipes.
> Thanks for your help,

Sorry Grace, but you have just become Pandora.  You have opened the box to
this subject and it is
now free to go as and where it will.  You cannot put it back into its box.

Unfortunately, you have given us a very provocative statement, in that your
friend thinks the Soup
for the Qan isn't a good resource.  Unfortunately, your friend isn't here to
argue his/her side.
Also, you should know that Phlip is a very good friend to both of the
authors of Soup for the Qan.
They are university professors who are experts in their field and are
universally accepted as
such.  Their academic credentials are awe inspiring.  What are your friend
Rowan's credentials?
Does he/she teach in a university and publish his/her research?    > > > > >
> > >

sometimes you put a quarter in the nickel slot and don't get any change :o)
We seem to be a snooty lot, but moreso, we are a lot hungry for new
defensible knowledge about the various regions and times we look at.  There
are huge gapnig holes in documented descriptions of vast and important
societies and civilizations.  Mongols is one of them, relative to England,
anyway.  For someone to pop up with some new hypotheses and decry the extant
corpus is a challange that is both welcome and met with a certain

All new research is juried by professionals, knowledgeable ametuers and
scholars alike.  Until a person has held up their research and documentation
to scrutiny, replication and generalization . . . it's just not going to be
accepted by much of any serious researchers.  While we aren't perfect or
terribly ubiquitous in pulications . . . we are a serious lot about uor
research sources.  Lest we forget the Cardiff Giant and such wonders as PT
Barnum shilled as wonders of nature.

pacem et bonum,
niccolo difrancesco

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