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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sat Aug 25 14:23:44 PDT 2007

Brygyt Strangewayes asked:
<<< My question is thus: what would you recommend as essential to own  
someone new to period cooking?  What spices are essential, what
pantry items so necessary that you'd hate to be without?  (Bonus
points for sources to purchase :) ). >>>

First, welcome to the SCA and the SCA-Cook's mail list!

As for individual spices to recommend, I'll leave that to others. For  
some sources and reviews of these sources, you might want to look  
through this file in the PLANTS, HERBS AND SPICES section of the  
merch-spices-msg  (35K)  7/ 3/05    Spice merchants. Reviews and  

This file will give you a rundown on many of the various spice-mixes  
used in period:
spice-mixes-msg   (90K)  9/17/06    Period spice mixtures. Poudre  
Forte, Douce.

There are various files on individual spices in this section  
including ones on saffron, ginger, nutmeg, rosewater, Grains of  
Paradise and others. There are also some general files on spices such  
spices-msg       (182K) 12/ 3/06    Info. on spices, sources for spices.
herbs-msg        (124K)  9/17/04    Herbs used in period and how they  
were used.
                                        Modern sources.

I'm not sure how you are set up for period cookbooks or modern  
cookbooks with redacted (interpreted) medieval recipes, but you might  
find osme of the files in the FOOD-BOOKS section to be of use, such  
as this file:
cookbooks-bib     (44K)  2/15/04    Cookbook bib. by Mistress Jaelle  
of Armida.
   (Mistress Jaelle has sent me an update to this bibliography, but  
it will be a few weeks until I get it online, but it is useful as it is)

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