[Sca-cooks] Polish cookbook

Sam Wallace guillaumedep at worldnet.att.net
Sun Aug 26 14:45:54 PDT 2007


>> Has anyone gotten this book? Food and Drink in Medieval Poland.

> When I read my copy the year it was published, I remarked that it is a 
> good resource with lots of information that is new and useful.  Not a 
> source for primary recipes.  Some of them are adapted from things like 
> well-known English sources (like Curye on Englysh, if I recall correctly). 
> Good source for info . . . very weak source to use for documenting primary 
> "Polish" or Eastern European recipes.  Best resource we have in USA to 
> date.

Actually, this is what made me start looking for Kuchenmeisterey and the 
Polish herbals I listed in my last post. I have not systematically gone 
through all of the bibliography yet, but so far so good. Kuchenmeisterey was 
translated into Polish in 1532 as Kuchmistrzostwo. One of the herbals was 
listed as a source for the dietary theory of the use of spices to stimulate 
gastric juices.


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