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This may help people find these-- Johnnae

Kuchenmeisterei editions

There's a 1927 facsimile as well as the mentioned 1939.

You might try for this edition-- it's from 1981.

*Kuchenmeysterey /*
**Author(s):	Ehnert, Rolf. Petri, Johannes,; 1441-1511.

Publication: Göppingen : Kümmerle, 1981, 1486
Series: Litterae ;; Nr. 71; *Variation:* Litterae (Kümmerle Verlag)
;; Nr. 71.
*ISBN:* 3874524760; 9783874524766 *LCCN:* 81-188708

Note(s):Photoreproduction of original published: Passau : Printed
by Johann Petri, 1486? Now owned by Bayerische Staatsbibliothek München
(4o Inc. s.a. 161a/3)/ Bibliography: p. x.


Küchenmeisterei :in 5 Theilen  1516
Internet Resource Internet Resource
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Küchenmeisterei :in 5 Th.  1507
Publication: 	Augsburg; Froschauer
Year: 	1507

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Hope this helps

Johnnae llyn Lewis (playing librarian)

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