[Sca-cooks] A request for sources on Khazar, or Caspian Sea foods in the 7th through 11th C

Steinfeld, Henry S CIV NAVAIR PMA-209T&E/AIR 1.6.3 Henry.Steinfeld at navy.mil
Mon Aug 27 10:32:24 PDT 2007

Greetings to the list,
I did a search to see if this has come up and it has not yet.  I am
researching my persona which is Khazar, 9th C and looking for
appropriate foods of the region.  The Khazars resided in the Steppes
region around the Caspian sea to Kiev.  Their influence included the
Magyars, Huns, pre-Kievan Rus, Bulgars and were distant relatives of the
Mongols, Semitic Jews and were considered to be a Turkic people.
Religiously, they were Shamanists, Muslim, Christian and Jew and they
generally lived within their Kagantate in a tolerant  peace.

If you have sources I can investigate (preferably translated) please let
me know.  If you have recipes from this region, that would be great, I
would like to do the redactions.  (I will happily take redacted as well)
So far I have found little that can be documented to the region.  

Khadir bar Yosef

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